Jacksonville facility to close as result of Quinn's 'rebalancing' plan

Gov. Pat Quinn plans to close two state institutions this year - a Tinley Park mental hospital and a Jacksonville center for people with developmental disabilities.

Aides said Thursday the Democratic governor is launching a policy of moving people out of institutions and into community care. As people move out, the institutions can be shut down, saving about $20 million a year.

Quinn hopes to close the Jacksonville center in early October.

It employs 379 people, but the administration say it is in poor repair.

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Cody Bozarth

reports that residents at JDC will be evaluated to determine their needs and an appropriate community care option and will involve working with the individual, parents and guardians.

The Tinley Park hospital is to close in July. It has 175 workers and has been decertified by the federal government because of quality concerns.

Quinn tried to close even more facilities last year, saying lawmakers didn't provide enough money to run them.

( reporter Cody Bozarth contributed to this report.)