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      It's your turn to name a park

      courtesy The Quincy Park District at http://www.quincyparkdistrict.com/parks/all-america

      The Quincy Park District needs your help.

      It is accepting names for a 12-acre park that surrounds its future office building on Bonansinga Drive.

      You'll recall the park district recently bought the old River's Edge building.

      The organization doesn't plan to name the building -- only the land that came with the purchase.

      "Normally, parks are named after some type of geographical feature," Quincy Park District Executive Director Ed Seger said. "Riverview Park is an example. A historic figure, Washington Park, or a local figure who either had some type of connection to the park and recreation or some related function."

      If you submit a person's name, you're asked to submit an explanation of why you think that person's name would make a good park name.

      You can mail your suggestion to the Quincy Park District or e-mail info@quincyparkdistrict.com.

      The Quincy Park Board will review all the suggestions and provide the selected name for public comment at a Board Meeting March 13.