It's Your Business: River City Styles

For as long as she can remember, Cathy Rose has had a life long love affair with hair.

"Actually did it when I was a little kid, too, cutting my sister's hair and I've always had that knack to do hair and I was very glad that I finally chose to get into this industry."

Cathy is the owner of one of Keokuk's newest businesses, River City Styles, which is located in the River City Mall.

For years she was a teaching cosmetologist and even owned another salon before this one and that's given her a unique perspective on the whole field of cosmetology. She feels that the focus should be on hair only and not on other skills like doing nails or giving massages.

Cathy says, "Cause the hair is important to a person's appearance and if you focus just on hair as a cosmetologist then you can really build your knowledge of the hair and what, you know, creates the hair, what the hair is made out of of and how to perfect your skills even better."

I asked Cathy, "What does that give to the client that they wouldn't get from another cosmetologist's experience?"

Cathy answered, "It gives them a lot of trustworthiness that you know what you're saying to them about their hair, what they want and to be satisfied with what you do with their hair if you really educate yourself all the time."

Cathy opened River City Styles in December with a former student and the word is already getting around. "Since that day, it's been getting quite hectic around here and it's a very good hectic because we're building up clientele fast, and I'm glad to see that."

One thing that's also helping to bring in customers are the prices at River City Styles. Cathy says she doesn't see any reason to charge really high prices especially in these tough economic times.

"I just feel compassion for people, especially elderly people that can't afford to go get that shampoo set that doesn't take us any time to why charge an arm and a leg? It makes me feel good to make people feel good."

In the future, Cathy would like to open up the business's storefront window to allow access to the shop from the mall parking lot.

So remember...It's your business.