It's Your Business: Ice Scream

QUINCY, Illinois-Quincy has a new ice cream parlor.But it's not like any ice cream parlor you've ever seen before. The owners have combined old fashioned ice cream flavors with a love of science fiction.In this week's It's Your Business report, KHQA's Stephen Johnson finds out the scoop on Ice Scream.You will not find typical flavors at Quincy's newest ice cream parlor...Ice Scream at 616 Maine.From the space ship crashed into the front of the building to walls full of science fiction memorabilia, there's never been an ice cream parlor like this in Quincy.Ice Scream is the brain child of Pat and Robin Taylor who thought that Quincy needed an old fashioned ice cream parlor.Pat says," We wanted to have something that was good, something that was retro that would bring in people who were used to having an ice cream store downtown. Who grew up with an ice cream store downtown and bring that back to the community."The first priority was to get the right kind of ice cream.They chose a St. Louis distributor who's been making his own brand of ice cream for more than 30 years.He says," We were looking for actual real ice -cream. Something that was all natural, very independent. I didn't want Prairie Farms or Blue Bunny- something you could get in a grocery store. I wanted something that was destination something you couldn't get anywhere else in Western Illinois. We found that with Ronnie Ice Cream down in St. Louis."Pat is a self-confessed sci-fi fan and he says it's a lot of fun to hear new customers trying to order, since all of the flavors have a sci-fi based name.Pat says, " It's fun to hear the people actually come in and use the terminology. Especially first timers saying, " Yeah, I'll take a Jedi, full of Sleestack with some Moons of Mongo."From the Superfriends, to Planet of the Apes to Star Wars there is something for everybody to see at Ice Scream.Even the tables are covered with pictures of favorite fantasy stars like the late Christopher Reeve as Superman.But the best thing to see is the looks on the faces of happy kids enjoying their favorite ice cream just the way their parents and grandparents did when they were kids.Besides coming up with new flavors of ice cream and filling the walls with more memorabilia,Pat and his wife hope that one day Ice Scream will become a popular destination spot for visitors to Quincy...a place you will just have to see to believe.