It's Your Business: Firehouse Pizza

Firehouse Pizza has been open less than a year and already it's become a popular place to get a good tasting pizza in Quincy.Originating in Peoria, its unique atmosphere has been very popular with customers.In this It's Your Business report, KHQA's Stephen Johnson finds out what else makes this pizza place so special.

Pizza making may be an art, but the gang over at Firehouse Pizza have got it down to fine science.Since August this pizzeria has been satisfying taste buds with in own unique brand of pizza making.The inside of Fire House Pizza at 340 South 36th street in Quincy, looks kind of like its name says. The walls are decorated with many pieces of memorabilia from the Tri-States fire fighting past.But it's the pizza that really has people excited.Owner Scott Smith says that one word sets Firehouse apart from many other pizzas you can buy... FRESH." We make 3 different types of dough fresh every day. We make our sauce fresh every day. We use the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on. Our vegetables come in whole and we dice them everyday."Another big item at Firehouse Pizza is it's gluten free pizza.Scott says that he's been surprised at how popular a gluten free option has been with customers.If you want to learn more about Firehouse Pizza just log onto their website at