It's Your Business: Down the Playce and NuFIT for You

Angie Asmann / KHQA file photo

KHQA is excited to celebrate the return of our "It's Your Business" segment.

KHQA's Stephen Johnson will travel around the Tri-States and give you a chance to meet those starting-up new local businesses.

Plus from time to time we will tell you about some great deals and opportunities that you can take advantage of.

In this segment we're highlighting two business that opened their doors in Quincy last September.

Our first business is Down the Playce, located in the Quincy Mall.

When you walk into this store you are immediately transported to a simpler time. The shelves are stocked with puzzles and games of all sorts.

The business is owned by Gary and Connie Fifer who after two years of planning, decided to take a chance to open up the business.

"I think what we were starting to see is a lot of people young and old were wanting to get back to the idea of community and board games offer that." says Connie Fifer.

Our second business also opened up last september. NuFIT for You, located at 4801 State takes a two pronged approach to getting you healthy.

Certified Fitness Trainer Angie Asmann and her partner Nutritionist and Dietician Jen Kamps started a business because they saw a need for people to have a comprehensive approach to fitness.

At NuFIT for You clients learn the importance of exercise combined with eating properly.

Asmann says their whole approach is about using common sense to create a program that's just right for you. "We're not talking to people about drinking special shakes or eating special food, we're talking to them about eating real food and we're talking to them about real ways to excercise. So it just makes sense. It's very personalized and we become really good friends with a lot of our clients and the people that come here start to feel like they're family."

Don't forget, if you know of a new business in your area that's been open between six months to a year contact Stephen Johnson at