It's Your Business: Danni Nicole's

In tonight's It's Your Business Story, KHQA's Stephen Johnson takes a trip down to Hannibal to find out the inspiration behind the city's latest clothing store.

And what he found is a family that has turned a tragedy into a triumph and life long dream into a reality.

At first glance Hannibal newest clothing store Dani Nicole's at 119 North Main Street looks like any other clothing store.

But one you step inside you find out very quickly that the name of the business has a very special meaning.

Co-owners Crystal and Mary short are also mother and daughter.

They decided to open the store after their daughter and sister Dani Nicole Short was killed in a car accident in March last year.

Crystal and Mary had dreamed of opening a store for years and after Dani's death they decided that life was too short not to make that dream come true,and so Dani Nicole's was born.

Their goal is to provide the kind of fashionable clothing today's modern woman wants to wear.

Crystal Short says," Our typical customers are about 20 years old and up. When we go to New York to shop I try to shop for myself, my mom and my grandma so that we can target all those ages. We do carry lines that other clothing shops around here don't have such as Tribal, Yummy Tummy, Air London, things that people haven't seen around this area for a while."

Crystal says she and her mother are glad to be a new addition to Hannibal's growing downtown business community.

" We're were really interested in being downtown. There's a lot of character on Main Street and these old buildings are really neat and we thought it would be a cool place to be."

Not only can you get clothing at the store, there's also a full line of accessories including sunglasses, flip flops and jewelry.

I asked Crystal this question,"Does it feel good knowing that you are providing a service to the ladies in this community and the surrounding area?She said, "It does feel good. It feels good that I am able to have fun doing it and that I'm able to help them in some way."And because every woman wants to look her very best, Crystal says they'll be adding a new line of plus sized clothing to the store very soon.