It's time to rethink resale shops

All of the clothes you see here have to go through a thorough inspection for rips, tears and snags.

Cold weather is just around the corner.

Buying a new wardrobe for your kids to fit the lowering temperatures can be expensive, so maybe it's time to rethink where you're buying their clothes.

Consignment shops don't have to have a negative stigma anymore. Resale stores are now revamping their image to be more fashion forward, including here in the Tri-States.

"I think when you come into a place where you can go to the racks and it's clean and you go to the size, you're going to enjoy the experience," Anna Hoerr, owner of Little Darlin's Resale Shop, said.

Little Darlin's, a children's resale store has been here in Quincy for 32 years and its only reselling the best. All of the clothes you see here have to go through a thorough inspection for rips, tears and snags.

"The process is basically it needs to be clean and in good condition," Hoerr said.

Once the clothes pass inspection, they're tagged and brought to the floor for you to buy. You may recognize some of the labels, but not the prices. These items are marked down, some almost 50 percent off.

"There's all kinds of name brands from everywhere and it's just a really fun, fun place to shop," Hoerr said. "For those who love to shop or for those who simply want to get neat things for their children that are upscale, trendy, cute items that they'll look wonderful in."

Shopping resale isn't all about saving you a buck, it can earn you some cash, too.

You can sell the gently worn clothes that your kids have grown out of and get cash back.

"I have moms and dads that pick up hundreds of dollars," Hoerr said. "I have moms and dads that pick up thirty or fifty dollars. It just depends on how much they bring."

Instead of busting your budget on brand new clothes that your kids probably won't fit into next year, rethink resale shops and stretch your dollar to the max.