It's raining cats and dogs at the humane society

If you've ever wanted to add a fury friend to your life, now might be a great time to it.

If you've ever wanted to add a fury friend to your life, now might be a great time to it.

Not only is June Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month, but June 3rd is National Hug Your Cat Day.

But if cats don't suite you, the Quincy Humane Society has dogs for every personality.

Our featured pets of the month both have something in common, they're so loveable.

"We have a lot of great animals for adoption here," said Quincy Humane Society Executive Director Sally Westerhoff.

For you cat lovers, there's Spook the three year cat, who loves when he gets to climb and play.

Or if you prefer a K9, Daisy the three year old Shar Pei is looking for a place where she can run and explore.

Westerhoff hopes especially for dog owners that they understand news rules set in place.

"When they start enforcing the law, the dog will need to be brought inside between the hours of midnight and five o'clock in the morning, if the temperature is below 32 degrees, if there's a heat advisory issued by the national weather service or if there is a severe thunderstorm warning, they will also need to be brought inside," said Westerhoff.

Westerhoff said the humane society has already received calls regarding pets being left in cars, something she takes very seriously.

"At a very cool temperature of 70 degrees, if your cars in the sun, within 30 minutes it can heat up to a 104 degrees, and that's very, very fast and it's very hot," Westerhoff said.

While adopting an animal is a lot of responsibility, the humane society staff hope you give these animals a chance.

"The animals end up here through no fault of their own," said Westerhoff. "There isn't anything wrong with them, they're all wonderful animals that could make a great family companion. We just want people to come in and look around see what we have available, and maybe they can find something they can't live without."

Click here for information on how to adopt from the Quincy Humane Society.