It's nothing but "Blue Skys" in this kitchen

Breakfast at the Blue Skys Family Restarurant

Payson has its own restaurant again.

After a hiatus, the former owners of the Payson Parkview Restaurant have reopened in their former location.

It's got a new name of the Blue Skys Family Restaurant, but owners Roy and Penny Noble say their specialties have stayed the same.

On most days you'll probably find Roy Noble behind the grill at the Blue Skys Family Restaurant. He and Penny opened the new eatery about a week ago.

"I've always enjoyed cooking and then the opportunity opened up to open this place and I jumped on it," Roy Noble said.

Click here to watch Roy create a breakfast favorite called "The Shoe."

And the rest is history. Noble says it's a busy life, with preparation for serving three meals a day beginning long before you think of getting out of bed.

"We get up around 4:30 a.m. to get the day started and then the prep work begins for all the other meals we serve," Roy Noble said.

One of the most popular dishes is their huge tenderloin. But what's the secret?

"The trick is double dipping the tenderloin in the batter," Roy Noble explained. "That way it doesn't come off the meat." Click here to watch Roy prepare the perfect tenderloin.

From the famous fried chicken to the fall-off-the-plate pancakes, there's a theme you're probably picking up on. Click here to get a look at these HUGE pancakes!

"If you leave here hungry, that's your fault," Roy Noble said.

Click here for a look at their Thursday night dinner special, a half fried chicken.

It's a motto now becoming a reputation in Payson and throughout the Tri-States.

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