It's different driving in wintry weather

Nine people died on Missouri Highways this past weekend. Not all of them were weather related crashes, but most were.

Sergeant Brent Bernhardt with the Missouri Highway Patrol reminds drivers all weather related crashes are preventable because you can just stay home.

If you must get out, make sure you have plenty of gas.

Remember to keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you, and it takes longer to stop in bad conditions.

You should also make sure your car is in good mechanical shape before you head out on a long trip.

Should you find yourself in a crash, it's best to stay in your car and run the heater intermittently to stay warm, if you can.

"You have to look for the obvious things. If you have a fuel line leak or an oil leak, it may be dangerous to run your vehicle. If you see obvious leaks and things like that, maybe smell smoke, it may not be the safest thing to do to run your vehicle."

Sgt. Bernhart also says you should keep extra blankets and coats in your car, along with sand or cat liter, and an ice scraper.

You should also check the weather forecasts for the places you'll be driving.