ISP District 14 in Macomb will remain open

The Illinois State Police will not lose five of its 22 regional headquarters.

That means Western Illinois will keep its valued branch of law enforcement.

In March, the State Police Director announced that five offices were on the chopping block because of state budget problems, including District 14 in Macomb.

The move angered sheriffs across the state who called it a threat to public safety.

But Saturday's announcement that the offices would stay open was a welcomed sigh of relief.

KHQA's Jarod Wells got reaction from the commander of District 14.

Illinois State Police Public Information Officer Captain Scott Compton says the agency was appropriated more money than it originally thought, which will keep the doors of District 14 in Macomb open.

ISP Dist. 14 Commander Captain Robert Elliot said, "The recent announcement that there's no closures of the state police districts is very encouraging for folks in the area as well as the officers themselves."

No major layoffs are anticipated across the Illinois State Police agency, but there will be a reduction in troopers through attrition. Fortunately, Captain Robert Elliot says District 14 only expects one retirement during the next six months.

Elliot said, "Certainly this brings a measure of relief to the families that, in fact it looks like based on the announcement, that there won't be any layoffs. And so we're encouraged by that, obviously because we want to make sure that we can continue to provide service to the public and we want to do that with the personnel that we have available."

That will allow the district to continue what it always has done.

Elliot said, "Which is provide service to the public as well our local law enforcement agencies. We're going to continue to do that just like we did the last year. Whether it's the 200 DUI arrests we had last year, or the nearly 500 underage drinking arrests or the over 500 out of service violations we detected in large trucks in the area."

Elliot says Illinois State Police District 14 in Macomb will continue to make the highways safe, as well continue to educate the public.

Here's more good news for District 14 in Macomb.

Four troopers received state wide recognition last week for their life-saving efforts.

Master Sergeant William McCamant, Sergeant Robbie Frakes, Trooper Glenn Daugherty, Trooper Danny Leezer are from Illinois State Police District 14 and were awarded the Lifesaving Medal.

It is awarded to Illinois State Police personnel who perform actions or apply techniques that result in saving or sustaining a human life.

Two other officers in different law enforcement agencies also received medals. Henderson County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Albin and Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy Travis Duffy were awarded the Director's Award of Distinction.

That is presented to any individual, agency or group outside the ISP who gave extraordinary support and assistance to accomplish the goals of the department.