Is your home as safe as it could be?

Safety expert Wes Beitl explains why his basement staircase is painted red and white.

It's all about safety for Wes Beitl who has been in the field for more than 35 years.

"I teach OSHA required classes. I also do accident investigation," Beitl said.

Safety is also a top priority in Beitl's home.

Wes has fire extinguishers on both levels of his home.

"This way I don't have to run up the stairs to get a fire extinguisher. It's here, it's ready to use," Beitl said.

Quincy Fire Department Public Education officer Jerry Smith has this to add.

"We also encourage people to have them inspected once a year that way we know that the extinguisher is charged ... the powder inside isn't caked and its not going to work if you go to use it," Smith said.

Beitl has emergency lights that turn into flashlights when the power goes off.

And a plastic police whistle that he hangs of the door of a guest bedroom could save your life in a tornado.

"If the house collapses rescuers are not going to be able to hear you through the debris," Beitl said. "By using a police type whistle, which warbles and has the longest sound range, there's a better idea that rescuers can find you."

Wes also has a rubber mat on the floor of his electrical closet.

"Ok Wes, we're here at your utility closet and we can see you've got a rubber mat on the floor. Why do you have a mat on the floor?" Stephen Johnson asked him.

"Concrete is naturally moist and has a lot of moisture to it," Beitl said. "And the last thing you want to do is flip a circuit while you're standing on bare concrete. Because if there's a short or something like that you could be an electrical circuit and get shocked."

But the most unique thing about his home is his red and white staircase.

"Wes why are your stairs painted this way," Johnson asked this time.

"Most stairs in homes, if you have a basement are usually some dark colors," Beitl said. "And to go up and down the stairs you have a possibility of a slip and fall. So maybe you're carrying clothes, you can't see as well. So that's the main reason."

Those are some simple tips that can keep you and your family safe.

Do you take extra precautions at your home? Tell us in the comments section below.