Is this year's apple harvest okay?

The area's apple harvest is in full swing.

While heavy summer rain and heat affected corn and soybean harvests, Edgewood Orchard owner Jim Zellerman said the wet weather hasn't really been a problem.

They plant their trees on tops of hills so there is good drainage.

It's actually been the heat that has caused the most damage to the crop.

"When it gets really hot some of the apples that are exposed to the sun they can get sunburned just like people do and that can effect them. Overall most of them aren't affected at all but that can have some impact on the crop," said Edgewood Orchards owner Jim Zellerman.

There are reports of insects called stink bugs that are ruining apple crops on the east coast.

Zellerman said the bugs haven't made their way to the midwest yet and haven't affected their crop.