Is the excessive heat hurting our crops?

The heat warning will continue through Friday with no rain yet in the forecast. But does all this heat and humidity affects our crops?

We spoke with Crop Expert Mike Roegge with the University of Illinois Extension, he says the heat is normally worse on people than it is crops.

Most of the corn planted early and even corn planted late will be fine.

The stocks have a deep root systems so they can withstand much of the heat.

What people might not know, is corn is a tropical plant so it's used to warmer weather.

And just in time for the hot weather, is sweet corn. Mill Creek Farm in Quincy has been selling it for a week now .

The staff gets up early in the morning to pick it before it gets too hot. They spend the rest of the day sorting and getting it ready for delivery

You can get sweet corn and other vegetables at the Mill Creek Farm daily or at your Quincy Hy-Vee and local County Market stores.