Is that safe to eat?

We know there are a lot of people in the KHQA viewing area that are still without power.We want to pass on some important food safety information to you that will help you decide if something is safe to keep or needs to be thrown away in your refrigerator.1. Don't open your freezer unless you have too. A half full freezer will keep your food safe for up to 24 hours, a fully stocked freezer will keep it safe for up to 48 hours.2. Refrigerated food will only be good for about 4 hours.3. Throw away any perishable food that has been above 40 degrees Farenheit for 2 hours or more ( meat, poultry, fish, eggs or leftovers)4. Use a digital quick response thermometer to check the temperature of any food you are about to cook. If it reads 40 degrees Farenheit or above....THROW IT AWAY.