Irish Road Bowling: It's a St. Patrick, Missouri thing

With Saint Patrick's Day coming, it is time to get out the chalk and dust off the bowls for a traditional irish sport. The Irish Road Bowl was brought to St. Patrick, Missouri last year.

It's a sport that takes more than the luck of the Irish to compete in. All you need is some chalk, an Irish road bowl, and a long road.

Bob Dickson discovered Irish Road bowling a couple of years ago. He helped bring the traditional Irish game to St. Patrick, Missouri last year. The game involves each team trying to roll their bowl, or bullet, down the road to a certain destination. The team to make it there in the least rolls wins the game.

40 teams of four are expected to compete. Prizes include first place, best dressed, and last place.

Saint Patrick provides a novelty that no other city in the country can.

"St. Patrick is the only St. Patrick in the United States. People come over just to send their postcards and mail out to their families all over the world for that matter. You get the St. Patrick post mark on the day of St. Patrick, and this is something special you can recognize," Dickson said.

The town has managed to keep its post office, even as surrounding towns lose them.

People may come for the post office, but they will stay for the Irish Road Bowling. Dickson said bowlers must register on Saturday, March 16th at 9:30 a.m. The games will begin around 10 a.m.