Iowa seems to have fared better during the Drought of 2012

As many farmer's begin to wrap up the harvest season, there are going to be memories upon memories of the Drought of 2012.

We all know that Illinois, Missouri and several other states in the Midwest got hit hard by a lack of rain and triple digit temperatures. But an official with Iowa State University said she feels many farmers across Iowa fared better than their counterparts in bordering states.

"So like in any drought, it's a very, very spotty situation. But we are in better shape then Missouri and Illinois at this point. I think that's pretty clear," the Dean of the College of Agriculture at Iowa State University, Dr. Wendy Wintersteen said.

Wintersteen also said the numbers that came from certain parts of Iowa that had good yields and other parts of the state that show yields were down, it was the western side of Iowa that had lower numbers then other parts of the state. Wintersteen added she went through the drought in 1988 and lessons were learned from that and she said lessons will be learned from the Drought of 2012 as well.

"I'm from the university and we like research. We have good seed companies in the state and we will learn from this and be on the path to possibly produce products that could withstand a harsh summer like this again," Wintersteen said.

She also said that as many farmers who were affected by the drought this year that it carries a ripple effect not just across the U.S. farm economy. But also through the ag economy across the globe.