Iowa gets ready to issue REAL ID identification to all citizens

State issued identification cards will be available to all Iowa residents soon.


Iowa Transportation Department

will start issuing the new driver's licenses and identification cards on January 15th.

These cards will comply with the


that and will be used to verify a person's identity and citizenship.

In order for a person to be able to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building, the REAL ID Act which was passed in 2005, mandates that the cards meet specific standards.

States were required to meet a January 15 compliance deadline. But compliance by individuals will vary based upon a person's birthday.

According to the

Department of Homeland Security website

, Iowa is one of only 13 states in the country that is in compliance with this federal mandate.

Some screenings are scheduled to begin in 2014.

State to state passports will be issued to travelers to Iowa coming from noncompliant states.

There are some people across the country who are not in favor of this new mandate.

You can read what some of them have to say are the dangers of this new law