Iowa elderly the target of phone scam

The Iowa Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is reporting a scam that began targeting elderly in Burlington, Iowa.

A woman reported receiving a call stating that her grandson was in trouble and the caller had what was believed to be personal information about him. The woman hung up and called the police.

She has received several calls since then, some of which were verbally threatening including that her bank accounts would be closed and that the FBI is involved. The then asked for her account numbers. She again hung up. She is changing her phone number and has informed the bank of the calls.

If you receive similar calls, hang up and call the police, and your bank if they mention your bank accounts. It is always wise to not engage in these types of conversations. Even if they identify themselves as from a bank, credit card or Medicare and want to confirm your information, donâ??t give them information. Ask for a number and tell them that you will call them back. Then use the phone numbers you have for the bank or credit cards to call the company. Tell them about the call. Remember that Medicare and Social Security do not call you.

It is always better to be wary of the situation then to become a victim.

For more information on elder abuse, senior citizen scams, family caregiver concerns, or Medicare fraud, please call Seneca Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-642-6522 or 641-682-2270. The Seneca website is