Iowa appeals court upholds Pitman's murder conviction

Adam Pitman

An Iowa Appeals Court upheld the life conviction of a Keokuk man found guilty of murdering his mother.

Adam Pitman received the life sentence after he was found guilty in July 2012 of killing Rose Pitman.

She was found dead in her home in August 2011.

Pitman appealed the ruling, but the Iowa Court of Appeals upheld the first-degree murder conviction.

In the 14-page decision handed down last week, the appeals court rejected Pitman's claim that his Miranda Rights were violated because he was questioned while under the influence of drugs.

â??Pitman used the drugs of his own volition and the Constitution does not protect him from his 'own compulsions or internally-applied pressures which are not the product of police action.'â??

He is currently serving life in prison.

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