Investigator thinks Christina Whittaker is alive

Christina Whittaker

UPDATED: March 3 at 5:05 p.m.

At the request of Christina Whittaker's mother, KHQA has decided to remove specific information about the investigation from our website.

The family was concerned the details would hamper the investigation and possibly put Whittaker in danger.

KHQA apologizes for any inconvenience for our readers.


Original Story:

A private investigator says he thinks a Hannibal woman who's been missing for more than 15 months is alive.

William Rinehart with Big River Investigations in Quincy said he's pretty sure Christina Whittaker is in the Peoria area.

KHQA's Rajah Maples spoke with him earlier this week for this KHQA Safe Family Crime investigative report.

Rajah contacted the Peoria detective who's working on this case but have not yet heard back from him.

Rinehart encourages anyone with any information to contact him, Whittaker's family or your local police department.

He says even if you think it might not be that important, report it anyway.