Investigating suspicious fires in Ralls County

The Ralls County Sheriff and the Hannibal Rural Fire Department continue to investigate a series of fires in Saverton Missouri that are being deemed suspicious in nature.

Saverton isn't a big town, in fact it's more like a village that sits next to the Mississippi River south of Hannibal. Quiet streets and very few cars pass on the main road.

But since early September, there have been three fires that have gutted three homes that were vacant. Hannibal Rural Fire Chief Mike Dobson said he has some genuine concerns about what's going on in the community.

"The Missouri State Fire Marshall came in and he looked at the scene on Monday and the Ralls County Sheriff's Department has been down there with us, we're all combined forces to investigate the cause of the fire," Dobson said.

Of the three structures that have burned, two of the three had their utilities shut off. Dobson added that he's also concerned because the next structure might be occupied or a fire that starts in an house that's vacant could spread and catch other buildings on fire and put his firefighters in danger.

"For one things we're going down there in emergency mode were putting ourselves in danger as well as the public going down there lights and siren. They've all been early morning fires, September 9th, October 5th and January 26th," Dobson said.

The fire department is working with the Ralls County Sheriff's Department and the Missouri State Fire Marshall's Office to continue the investigation and to try and make sure there are no more suspicious fires in Northeastern Ralls county.

If you have any information that could aide in the investigation, you're asked to call the Ralls County Sheriff's Department at 573-985-5611.