Inmate claims he was itching to get out of jail

Little red bumps on Holdiman's chest a week after getting out of the Adams County jail.

A former Adams County inmate was itching to get out of jail literally.

Daniel Holdiman just got out of the Adams County jail last week.

He spent his 18th birthday behind bars while serving a 2 1/2 month sentence for burglary.

Holdiman said when he was moved to a new section of the jail at the beginning of May, he and his roommate became miserably itchy.

"I would wake up in the middle of the night, just itching ridiculously," Holdiman said. "My roommate, who's name is also Daniel, we'd sleep probably one to two hours a night because we'd be up itching."

Holdiman said he saw two doctors after getting out of jail and was told bed bugs caused the little red bumps all over his body.

"He said it was the worst case he's ever seen," he said. "They haven't washed our blankets. I was up there 2 1/2 months and they hadn't washed them at all in that time, so we weren't getting the clean proper bedding we were supposed to, and there's no way for them to kill them or get away from them."

Holdiman said he's less itchy now after using an ointment cream called Permethrin. He said his bumps have gotten 90 percent better.

KHQA asked Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer is he thinks the Adams County jail has bed bugs.

"No," he replied.

Sheriff Fischer said Holdiman's complaint is the first he's ever heard about possible bed bugs in the jail.

"It's an old facility, and it's getting over 60 years old. It's on three different levels, so could conditions be better? Yes, but we were recently audited by the Department of Corrections, and we were found to be in compliance," Sheriff Fischer said. "By all standards, we did not have any deficiencies by what their inspection determined."

Sheriff Fischer said a nurse works a minimum 30 hours a week at the jail and the jail performs what's called a 14-day sick call to address medical needs.

"I'd like for them to take care of the bed bug problem, because I know there are other people at least in section 1 who have the same problem I do, so it wasn't like it was just me," Holdiman said. "Even though we're in jail, we'll be able to do our time without being completely miserable."

Sheriff Fischer does not believe the jail has bed bugs.

He said a nurse examined Holdiman while he was in jail but diagnosed him with a rash.

Sheriff Fischer said all inmates shower and are deloused before they're taken back to a jail cell.