Injured QU student's condition improves; remains unconscious

More than two weeks have passed since a car versus pedestrian accident left a Quincy University student hospitalized.

Shannon Peters, 19, is now recovering in a hospital closer to her hometown near the Chicago suburbs.

A spokesperson from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago says Peters is stable but is unconscious.

She was hit by a car while crossing Chestnut Street between 18th and 20th streets in Quincy.

Since the accident, the city and the university have been looking for ways to make the area safer.

Mayor John Spring says the the traffic commission has conducted tests to come up with ideas to make the area safer.

He says ideas include a four way stop and a caution sign for motorists.

"They actually asked the traffic commission a couple years ago to look at the traffic count there to look at a four way stop possibility. It really did not warrant that based upon the traffic count the last time. Things maybe have changed. We have been doing some studies in preparation for this meeting. So we will provide all of this information at the meeting," Spring said.

A recommendation is expected to be made next month at the next Traffic Commission Meeting.