Infrastructure repairs needed at Hannibal Aquatic Center

Bucket underneath leaking pipes at Hannibal Aquatic Center

Rusty pipes and major leaks at the

Hannibal Aquatic Center

are causing headaches for the Park District.

Water dripping into a bucket underneath pipes beneath the pool, is just one of many problems facing the Hannibal Aquatic Center.

The pool has been a popular spot in the community since the early 1960s.

But now, according to

Hannibal Parks and Rec. Department

director Andy Dorian some of that original equipment is failing.

The first major problem is the pool basin.

"On October 8th we had set a water mark, we had filled the pool up and were were trying to test to see how fast the water was actually dropping in our pool," Andy Dorian said. "And from that day we've checked the water every single day and we've had a significant drop since then."

Dorian also explained what the district did last season to deal with the leak in the pool basin.

"We pretty much ran our water into the pool 24/7 this last summer," Dorian said. " And we can not keep that up with utilities they way they are. And the chemical prices are just skyrocketing."

To give you an idea of how much money is being wasted Dorian says that each barrel of chemicals that the pool uses cost $135.

Because of the leak the pool went through about 2 barrels each day last season.

That's nearly $700 in only 5 days.

Another problem are those leaking pipes which also date back to the 60s.

"What we have here is our main piping system for the pool," recreation supervisor Aron Lee explained. " It circulates the water to our pool as chlorine. And this here is cast iron, original from the 60s. As you can tell major corrosion to it and it's a big concern of ours."

Considering how bad the pipes are we asked Aron Lee if he was concerned about his safety underneath the pool.

"There's a little concern there," Lee said. "I mean it's a little eerie. You don't know at some point that pipe may go and you don't want to be down there at that time."

Broken guttering around the pool is also a safety hazard.

Waters Edge Design and Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates have been hired to analyze the entire aquatic center and come up with several options for the city and the parks department to consider.

That analysis should be ready by Christmas, with work scheduled to start in August of 2014.

$30,000 has been set aside for the renovation and repair work.