Inertia Boys and Girls Center promotes learning through doing

Children at the Inertia Boys and Girls Center

"You name it, you think of it, you can do it," CEO and Director of Inertia Boys and Girls Center Jay Scott said.

That is the mantra that keeps more than 125 infants to school age children interested in learning. This day care is willing to try anything to encourage learning.

"We took a group of school age kids to the river and got water samples and came back and looked at the samples under a microscope. In the winter months we've been known to go out and bring buckets of snow inside and build snowmen and have snowball fights. We believe in letting kids be kids," Scott explained.

His beliefs motivated him to learn his job in the computer field and devote his time to the day care.

Education mixed with fun is a formula that works for day care facility. The center even keeps in contact with children's teachers to make sure the kids are getting the push they need to improve in areas they struggle with.

"We're all about kids and encouraging them to have fun because fun is the basis of our learning. So we encourage them to get in there and try new things because that's how they're going to learn," Co-Director Jacqueline Scott said.

Jacqueline is Jay's mother. His wife and daughter also work at Inertia, sharing their sense of family with the children in their care.

Around 60 families have entrusted their kids' care to the family run business, and that number is on the rise.

"We try to give kids the loving and nurturing care, the same that they would get at home," Jay Scott said.

Inertia Boys and Girls Center is just one of the many local organizations that was selected to receive a free weather radio from KHQA.