Increased security at QJHS has parents at ease

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Students at Quincy Junior High were met Friday with increased security after a threat was found in a bathroom Thursday. Click here for our original story.

This might have parents nervous, especially after the school shooting in Ohio earlier this week.

"Most parents would feel nervous about the threats, but I feel confident in the principal and the teacher that they know exactly what to do. I feel confident in the security here at Quincy Public Schools," Connie Heberlein, the mother of a QJHS student said.

An increase in police on campus, required bag searches, and metal detector screenings have parents at ease.

"I just told Cody, today is probably one of your safest days because there's going to be so much security and there's going to be so many people watching what's going on," mother Lt. Linnea Forney said.

Parents said they took the time to talk to their kids about the recent threat at their school and the school shooting in Ohio earlier this week.

"We kind of had a discussion on the way to school this morning and we prayed about it because he's really concerned. It's a little scary because I think it's just so close to what happened in Ohio, so yeah it's a little concerning. But not enough to not take him to school," Forney said.

"I've talked with my son about what to do in case something does happen, so I'm pretty confident that he'll be safe today," Heberlein said.

The school has had metal detectors for several years but they don't get used for every student.

"We randomly do searches, sometimes it's every 5th student, but obviously starting today and for the next couple of days, for how ever long we have to, it'll be everyone," principal Diane Glaub stated.

"Any threat should be taken seriously and I'm happy that the leaders at school do that," Connie Heberlein said.