Incoming freshmen move in to W.I.U.

Thousands of incoming freshman walked the halls of Western Illinois University for the first time Saturday. With bags in one hand and a key in the other, each student made their way to their new dorm room with help from a move-in crew. Thompson Hall was one of many dorms on campus that welcomed the incoming freshman to their new home for the next two semesters.

"I knew it was gonna be really busy like it is now," said Vince Rodriguez, a Freshman biology major. "I definitely have a lot of stuff to move in."

One elevator ride after another, Western's upperclassmen move-in crew helped carry a load as each student made his or her way into the dorm.

"The carts have definitely made it a lot better," said Becca Adamec, a Freshman from the Chicago area. "I'm super excited."

"Things seem to be real organized and calm, so it's reassuring," said Maurice James, a father who's helping move his first son into college.

"I was excited to see my roommate because he's my best friend and moving in together and starting our Freshman year of college. So it's very cool," said Rodriguez.

For many, this school year will bring loads of change.

"Laundry. I'll have to learn how to wash some clothes. My mom's no longer washing my own clothes, so I'll learn eventually," said Damonte Ellis, a Freshman majoring in physical therapy.

"It makes me a little nervous. You always want your child to do well and be mature and be able to handle the pressure well. So I'm a little nervous but excited at the same time," said James.

Saturday morning, Western's president Al Goldfarb along with other senior administrators helped carry the freshmen load. It's become an annual tradition.