Improvements to Quincy's 48th Street will begin soon

N ew upgrades coming to frequently traveled Quincy road

There are two new renovations coming to a heavily traveled road in Quincy.

A section of 48th Street near John Wood Community College will soon have some major upgrades.

Both the City of Quincy and the Adams County Highway Department are involved with the project.

"The road diet, which will extend from State Street to Columbus Road on 48th, essentially is the removal of the four lanes of through traffic as they are now, Adams County Highway Department Engineer Jim Frankenhoff said. And then the re-striping of that to show two through lanes with a center left hand turn lane extending the entire length. And the addition of bike lanes up each side of 48th Street between State and Columbus Road."

But that's not the only renovation 48th Street will see.

"The second project, which is the 48th and State intersection, that will be developed into a roundabout, Frankenhoff said. We have looked at the signalization alternate as well as the roundabout and both in the short-term cost are almost identical. In the long term the roundabout will be cheaper."

Both projects are being done to improve driver safety on this frequently traveled road.

"You have a lot of left hand turning motions and through lanes. With John Wood moving out there and their traffic generation at 48th and State, we felt that we needed to combine the two to get traffic moving calmer, safer along that corridor," Frankenhoff said.

And the cost of both projects is expensive.

"The actual striping cost on 48th is somewhere in the neighborhood of $90,000 to $100,000 shared proportionally between the city and the county. The estimated construction cost for the roundabout is roughly $1.5 million," Frankenhoff said.

And improvements to 48th Street will begin soon.

"The next step will be getting the final plans for the road diet and letting the contracts and that work should be completed this Summer, Frankenhoff said. With regards to the round-about that intersection we will be hiring a consultant jointly between the city and county. So once we have that consultant selected, the city and county will enter an agreement to proportionally share in the costs."

Striping of 48th street is scheduled to take place this summer.

Construction of the roundabout is expected to take place in 2015.