Illinois State Police restrict non-essential travel

Two semis blocking Northbound 72 Thursday afternoon just after 2 p.m.

Illinois State Police have asked for everyone to stay off of highways Thursday night stretching from as far south as Pike County to as far north as Henderson County.

In an update Friday KHQA was told the following:

US Rt. 67 North of Monmouth is closed north of Lake Warren due to snow drifts and abandoned vehicles.

US Rt. 67 Monmouth to Macomb is not closed but there are delays getting around abandoned vehicles that are being removed.

US Rt. 34 Monmouth to Galesburg is open.

US. Rt. 34 Monmouth to Burlington Iowa is still closed between Biggsville and Kirkwood.

Il Rt. 116 west of Roseville is open but may be down to one lane in some places.

Il Rt. 116 east of Roseville is open but is down to one lane in some places.

Il Rt. 41 is open in McDonough County

US Rt. 136 in McDonough County is open.

All state routes are open in Hancock County.

All roads are snow covered and icy. Some of these roads may be down to one lane and cluttered with abandoned vehicles. If you must drive, go slowly and watch for hazards. All local roads are snowpacked and hazardous and may not be passible.

In response to Thursday's snowfall state police spokesman Mike Kindhart said, â??We are inundated with crash calls right now. We've got lane blockage everywhere. There's just too many to talk about.â??

Crashes like the one pictured on I-72 near the Hannibal exit where two semis ended up blocking both lanes around 2 p.m.

The state police District 14 office in Macomb issued a blizzard warning at 2:35 p.m. that will remain in effect until midnight.

"All roadways within District 14, which includes Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, McDonough and Warren counties, are completely ice/snow covered and extremely dangerous," District administrator Malea Jessen said in a statement Thursday night. "We are requesting notice to the public that we are recommending no travel."

According to Malea Jessen, D14 Admin Supervisor, if you are stranded in your vehicle in McDonough County, you should call the McDonough County Sheriff's office at 309-833-2323.
The Sheriff's Office will log your name and location. Conditions are such that tow and emergency vehicles are not able to travel an increasing number of roads and highways. When road conditions are such that emergency responders can again travel, all stranded motorists will be contacted and assisted however possible.