Illinois soldiers return home from Egypt

Illinois welcomed home eighty-eight of its National Guard soldiers Saturday morning.

They were stationed overseas for a year-long peace keeping mission in Egypt, along the Sinai Peninsula.

Hundreds of family and friends packed into the armory to show their support and love for their soldiers.

"It's been a year. It's going to be so nice to have him home," said Dottie Elliott, awaiting anxiously for her son.

It's the same story with the Melvin Family.

"I am very excited to see him today," said Heather Disney.

"It's been rough with two kids, but we've gotten through it, day by day," said Lindsay Melvin.

"A lot of us had Skype, which is on the internet, and we could talk to him and see him, and we sent him care packages and letters and pictures," said Elliott.

Within a matter of minutes, the real care packages arrived and the room exploded with emotion.

"Excitement, hugd and kisses and I just want to take him home," said Melvin.

"I think we're gonna be staying at home and playing for a little while. No real plans yet."

"They're home for good, and it's going to be so spectacular. I'm going to be so excited," said Elliott.

The local soldiers were apart of a group of about 440, indluding members from the Illinois National Guard's B-Battery, 2nd Battalion and the 123rd Artillery Unit.