Illinois Sheriff's Association doesn't support gun ban

The Illinois Sheriff's Association says it does not support Governor Pat Quinn's proposed ban on assault weapons.

Closer to Quincy, Pike County Sheriff Paul Petty knows that many residents in his county don't want any sort of increased limitations on any sort of firearms.

Petty and Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer are members of the Illinois sheriff's association. That organization is now saying it will not back the governor's proposed assault weapon ban.

"But it covers all areas. From mental illness to our role in enforcing the current gun laws, to prosecutor's role in prosecuting to the fullest extent of our current gun laws. Trying to deter those crimes that are occuring," Petty said.

Sheriff Fischer agrees with the association's take on the contentious issue. He said that law-abiding citizens will follow the laws that are currently on the books.

"Too many times, we find people that are on possesion of firearms and they don't have all the, they don't have a FOID or they don't have anything that says they should own a firearm. So, I think that's, what our concern is, is that. It would be different if we thought it had a real effect. But I don't think it is," Fischer said.

The gun-control and a possible repeal of concealed weapons restrictions are on the legislative calendar in Springfield in the spring. Fischer and Petty both hope the issue is defeated before it has a chance to gain momentum.