Illinois schools ask for fair funding

Illinois Superintendents gather to spread the word about a bill that would help schools

Superintendents, teachers, and families from across the state are coming together for a town hall meeting to discuss the current inequitable funding system.

Illinois schools cannot wait another year for legislators to pass a funding bill that is adequate and fair for all students.

Quincy Superintendent Roy Webb explains why he wishes schools would get more money.

"We're not getting enough money. I would love to have a 1 to 1 program, I would love to have new textbooks, I would love to have technology. I would love to keep all the programs we have that are doing great things for kids in Quincy."

Currently, Illinois spends only 81 cents on a low-income student for every whole dollar it spends on a non-low-income student.

Advance Illinois Communication Associate Anna Schneider explains a solution, and that solution is House Bill 2808.

"It focuses on three things. Taking into account individual needs, looks at local ability to pay, and closes funding gaps. It also ensures that no district loses money."

This bill passed through the House Appropriations Committee in early April.

Superintendent Ralph Grimm feels these town hall meetings are important to get the word out.

"What we are trying to do is put out the message that the current funding formula in Illinois doesn't work, hasn't worked for a long time."

The bill is now on the house floor waiting for debate.

This town hall is one of several that will take place within the next month in communities across the state.

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