Illinois Main Street program suspended

Illinois' Main Street program has been suspended.

The program was put on probation by the National Main Street program as it is still unknown how deep Illinois budget cuts will go.

Executive Director of the Historic Quincy Business District Travis Brown says communities rely on the state Main Street program for many things.

Quincy usually turns to the state program for networking needs, such as talking to other communities about what they are doing and how they handle certain situations.

But Brown says Quincy will not suffer from the suspension of the state program as much as smaller communities will.

"Here in Quincy we probably could live with out the Illinois Main Street Program. Some of these smaller communities that don't have their own Chamber of Commerce, their own Economic Development Foundation, their own Visitor's Bureau, they struggle a lot more to be able to provide those services," said Brown.

Brown says those smaller communities rely on the state program for expertise and advice.

He says the state will make a decision later this year as to whether or not the program will be reinstated.