Illinois lawmakers to vote on same-sex marriage

Thursday marked the first day of Illinois' general assembly.

State Representative Greg Harris

filed a

bill to legalize same-sex marriage

in Illinois.

The Chicago Democrat expects lawmakers to vote on the measure very soon.

KHQA asked local lawmakers about their intentions to vote on the bill.


Jil Tracy

and Senator

John Sullivan

told KHQA they are both against it.

"The concerns are that it really erodes a lot of religious freedoms in Illinois, and it would impose burdens at certain churches if it were to pass," Tracy said.

"There's obviously a broad difference of opinions on this issue," Sullivan said. "I think the fairest way to do that is to let voters in the form of a referendum make that decision. If a majority of the voters in the State of Illinois support that, then it will become law. If they don't, then it won't be."

However, other lawmakers, such as Harris, support same-sex marriage.

Harris told CBS Chicago that the people of America are ahead of Illinois.

â??They are doing the right thing," Harris told CBS Chicago. "They believe the right thing. The journey is short, because people want it to be short. The journey to full marriage is not going to be as long as we thought, because folks have talked to their neighbors, theyâ??ve talked to their clergy people; theyâ??ve decided treating every couple equally in the eyes of the law is the right thing to do.â??

One hundred nineteen house representatives and 58 senators were inaugurated Wednesday at the state capitol.

The lawmakers also plan to vote on pension reform and an assault-weapons ban.