Illinois Kids Count numbers are out

The numbers are out for Illinois Kid Count and Adams County has some things to be happy about, and some place to work on.

Some good things, Adams County saw a decrease in the number of kids in foster care.

There are also more kids covered by health insurance.

Some of the areas of concern include the number of kids who get to go to preschool is down compared to the state average. Also, c hild poverty rates are up and family income is down.

"It means that we need to be aware of what's going on in our community. It means we need to be active. When we see numbers that talk about our rate of abuse and neglect is double that of our state average, we need to be aware of what abuse and neglect look like and how do we respond to that?" Thomas Donovan with Chaddock said.

Thomas Donovan with Chaddock says its important for anyone who interacts with children know the signs of abuse.

He says unfortunately, there isn't a set list of signs to watch for, but he says if you know that child well enough, you should notice changes if they are being abused.

Here is one list of signs for child abuse.