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      Illinois instructors ready for concealed carry

      Illinois residents soon will be able to start the process of getting certified to conceal and carry.

      Some instructors have recently been given the okay to begin course curriculum.

      Great River Firearms Training is approved by the Illinois State Police to instruct courses on concealed carry.

      Matt Courtney, Bob McClintock, and Phil Alexander are the instructors.

      They are excited to see concealed carry is an option in Illinois, but think there is still a long road ahead.

      "It's bittersweet. We are the last in the nation to get permission as residents in the state of Illinois to have the right to conceal and carry," Courtney said.

      Courtney said the popularity of this class took the group by surprise.

      "Next thing you know is boom, it's here, it's upon us and the next thing you know the phone is literally ringing off the hook," Courtney said.

      McClintock thinks the boost in people carrying a firearm around Illinois could cause some people to change their minds before committing some crimes.

      "There is always that factor that the person that is intended to do wrong thinks that they may be in harms way, there is always that factor that they will back off, because you don't know who is and who isn't," McClintock said.

      The state of Illinois requires 16 hours of training.

      It may be strict, but in turn, these instructors think you will be better off.

      The next course is set for October 16th at the Quincy VFW hall.

      You can find out how to contact this specific course by visiting .