Illinois Governor Quinn State of State Address

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will give his annual State of the State speech at noon today.

This is the second time he has addressed state legislators and constitutional officers during an election year since taking office in 2009.

The address will focus partly on the state's business climate with the Chicago Democrat calling for a new position in his office that'll focus on advocating for small business.

The advocate will advise Quinn on issues and help start and grow businesses.

Quinn's annual address is Wednesday. He's said he'll talk about jobs and economic growth, among other issues.

He'll also call for reducing a filing fee for creating a limited liability company to $39 from its current fee of $500, which is among the highest in the nation.

Quinn's aides say that he'll propose legislation intended to reduce Illinois' fee to the lowest in the nation. The idea is to make it easier for small businesses to start.

Watch the governor's speech here.