Illinois causing more funding problems for J.W.C.C.

John Wood Community College is facing a $1.6 million short fall next year.

That's because the state of Illinois will not fund at least one half of the colleges appropriations for the 2011 fiscal year.

A budget task force will continue to look for cost-cutting measures in order to have a balanced budget ready for the Board of Trustee's June meeting.

College President Tom Klincar says the school does not want to reduce services and staff at a time when they are most needed, but like many other colleges that is exactly what John Wood will have to do.

We spoke to him this afternoon and asked him what students and staff can expect to see in the coming year.

"Anything that we can cut that is not mandated by law is subject to cuts and that would include and that would include such things as our tutoring service, our ready internet availability, the meeting space that we give to charitable and civic organizations. All of those things and the associated staff who help administer those extra programs are subject to cuts," said Dr. Klincar.

That could mean a 5% cut in staff.

There will also be a spending freeze.

At the board meeting Wednesday, May 19th trustees voted to eliminate a two hour per week medical appointment leave for employees.

That comes out to a reduction of 12 paid time-off days for all of John Wood full and part time staff and administrators.

The board also approved a 15% increase in employee and college health insurance costs.

That's to cover rising health care costs and will mean employee deductibles, out of pocket and prescription drug co-payments will increase significantly.