Illinois agencies bring Joseph Smith to spotlight again

Nauvoo set the scene for the day's events.

The founder of the Mormon Church is once again in the "spotlight".

Joseph Smith is the focus of several programs being put on by the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

The two agencies sponsoring the Habeas Corpus events felt Nauvoo would be an ideal place to hold the programs surrounding Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church.

The programs take law and history and combine them to form a sort of history lesson for the visitors.

John Lupton, Executive Director of the Illinois Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission helped to arrange these events.

"The law kind of touches everyone's life, and what we're doing with these programs in general is to bring a historical topic or bring a topic that we can discover through history like the rid of habeas corpus and bring that up to the modern day," Lupton said.

Eileen Mackevich, Executive Director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is also assisting with the Habeas Corpus events.

"The most important part is we are here together to explore the different ways that this town comes alive through history. But the most important part is people are free to wander this beautiful, charming city, explore it, explore the people here, and explore with the historians that are here talking about the life in the 19th century," Mackevich said.

Representatives from the agencies hope people think about the historical significance of these events.

"We're educating students, teachers, the general public, lawyers, about the rid of habeas corpus and about how important it is today and how important it was back in the 1840s," Lupton said.

The re-hearing will take place Tuesday in Springfield, Illinois.

Tickets are available for the hearing, and for more information, visit the program's website.

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