Illegal spring-loaded leg traps injure Hannibal pets

Just one example of a spring-loaded trap

Two Hannibal pets have been injured in spring-loaded leg traps and police want to remind residents that these types of traps are illegal.

The animals suffered limb amputations in the incidents.

The Hannibal Police Department says that the first incident happened near Bowling Ave. and the second in the 900 block of Paris.

Police say the use of such leg traps is illegal inside the city limits per Chapter 4, Article I, Section 4-12 of the city ordinances.

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to view Hannibal city ordinances.

From the ordinance:

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to use any device, homemade or commercially manufactured, to trap, restrain, confine or kill any wild or domestic animal within the city limits. The following exceptions to this section shall apply:

(1) As needed by a humane officer or the humane society.

(2) All mole, gopher and other rodent traps used for personal protection of health and property within homes, garages, barns and other outbuildings.

(3) Box traps.

(4) The animal control officials under the direction of the chief of police may grant special permission to trap for protection of life, property, and health reasons. Animal control officials may impose precautions or conditions necessary for the protection of other persons and other property not involved.

(b) On the first offense, the owner shall be subject to a minimum $50.00 fine. For a second offense a minimum of a $75.00 fine shall be levied. For third and subsequent offenses a minimum $200.00 fine shall be levied. In all offenses all traps and devices shall be confiscated and destroyed.

(Code 1963, § 281.100; Code 1988, § 4-12; Ord. No. 3153, §§ 1, 2, 1-20-1981; Ord. No. 4046, § 1, 3-17-1998)

Lt. John Zerbonia with the Hannibal Police Department says that anyone found using unauthorized traps within city limits will be cited.

If you have information regarding the use of leg traps, please call the Hannibal Police Department at 573-221-0987.