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      Ill. House fails to OK medical marijuana use

      UPDATE: December 1 at 10:50 a.m.

      The Illinois House has voted down legislation that would have approved the use of marijuana to ease pain or nausea because of illness.

      The long-debated issue got just 53 of the 60 votes it needed for approval Tuesday.

      Democratic Rep. Lou Lang used a procedure to postpone consideration of the measure to another time.

      The bill would allow people to get permission from a physician and the Department of Public Health to have marijuana plants in their home and use it for treating the symptoms of AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and other illnesses.

      But critics say other legal drugs can ease symptoms and that Lang's bill doesn't address medical treatment - just possession of pot.

      The Senate OK'd the bill in May.


      Illinois lawmakers are debating whether to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

      Democratic Rep. Lou Lang says he thinks there's a good chance the Illinois House will approve his legislation.

      The proposal would allow people to possess marijuana for treating the symptoms of AIDS, cancer, glaucoma and other illnesses.

      To qualify for medical marijuana, people would have to submit a doctor's certification to the state Public Health Department.

      Critics say the bill has little to do with medical treatment. They fear that it will just be used as an excuse for people to smoke pot.

      The bill is SB1381. Online: http://www.ilga.gov