Ill. comptroller visits Quincy to announce Comptroller's Critters

The Illinois comptroller has a plan to save taxpayers money, even at the lowest level of government.

Judy Baar Topinka visited the Quincy Humane Society to announce a program called, "Comptroller's Critters."

It's a program that brings potential pet owners together with Illinois shelters to provide loving homes for animals - and ultimately save on overpopulation costs.

Topinka says a stray animal can cost a taxpayer $250 to $300 dollars a piece when you add up its capture, care, euthanization and disposal.

Here's how the Comptroller Critters program works--participating shelters can post pictures and information about adoptable pets on the comptroller's Web site.

That site will provide a one-stop-shop for families looking for a new animal.

When that animal is adopted, it's awarded a certificate for becoming a "comptroller Critter."

Topinka said, "It doesn't cost us anything to do this. I think people forget that all of these overpopulation of dogs and cats, I mean, who's paying for this? We're paying for it! Taxpayers are paying for it. If we can save any money for taxpayers up and down the system, we're going to do it. "

Topinka told crowds she has a long history of adopting pets, most recently adopting a a beagle and two scottie terriers.

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