i3 starts talks again with City of Quincy

A major fiber-optics project is getting a second look by the City of Quincy.

i3 North America has resumed talks with the city officials nearly 10 months after it pulled out of the project. The city had hoped to become the nation's first Fibercity. The aim was to deploy fiber to all of the cityâ??s 18,000 residences with no cost to the taxpayer or the City.

Last May talks ended because i3 wanted to micro trench streets and alleys to access homes. A city oridnance that barred cutting in to city streets for five years after they were paved placed restrictions on i3's ability to install cable.

Since reconnecting with i3 two weeks ago, negations are going on and they hope to come up with a plan soon.

Quincy 3rd Ward Alderman Kyle Moore said that he hopes a new plan can be presented to the city council within the next couple of months.