Hydropower is history for city of Quincy

Hydropower for the city of Quincy looks to be history.

The city council voted to exit the hydropower business in September, after preliminary discussion.

The city still holds permits from Lock and Dams 24 and 25.

But unless a progress report is filed, those permits will be canceled.

Mayor Kyle Moore said hydropower would not produce any significant revenue for twenty to thirty years.

He also said with new technology that would have been required for hydropower, it would be better for a private industry to try it out, rather than using taxpayer's dollars.

"You have to remember, this was a discussion about use of tax payers dollars, and also their administrations time and talent," Moore said. "My preference and many on the council is that we should focus our energy on projects in Quincy. This wasn't a discussion about Lock and Dam 21."

The city had paid for studies for Lock and Dam 21.

Moore thinks they could be of value to a private developer, which could then send value back to the city.