Hy-Vee honors veterans

The Hy-Vee kitchen crew cracked 1,200 eggs and served up 28 gallons of sausage gravy, not to mention 1,500 slices of bacon.

Hundreds of hometown heroes were honored this morning with a Veterans Day Breakfast at Hy-Vee grocery stores all over the Tri-States.

It's a tasty tradition that gives local veterans a big thank you for their service - past and present.

More than 500 veterans took advantage of Monday's early morning feast, offered up by Hy-Vee for the last five years. Click here to watch the preparations from KHQA This Morning.

"Alot of these veterans didn't get a 'thank you' when they came home," Quincy's Harrison Hy-Vee Kitchen Manager David Liggett said. "This is our chance to do something to say thank you to our service men and women."

But what does it take to cook for more than 500 veterans? The sheer numbers are enough to make your head spin.

The kitchen crew cracked 12 hundred eggs and served up 28 gallons of sausage gravy, not to mention 15 hundred slices of bacon.

"That's almost 200 pounds, sausage links we'll through 300 pounds before its all said and done," Liggett said. "The biggest thing is being prepared."

Veterans say they're touched by the yearly gesture at the local store, made even more special by thank you notes given out to each vet, hand-written by students at Quincy Junior High School.

"It's a wonderful gesture," veteran Jerry Wiemelt said.

"It feels great to be honored as a veteran," Army veteran Bill Boren of Quincy said. "I especially want to thank the teachers at the school to write letters to the veterans. That was just great."

"I loved being in the Navy," Navy veteran Brenda Whisler said. "I loved serving my country as best I could."