Hunters protest proposed Brown County ATV park

The proposed attraction has been suggested to go in Siloam State Park.

Some hunters and landowners in Brown County are upset after the proposal of an ATV park.

"ATVs and deer hunting are not compatible, they are absolutely not compatible, deer know that humans are on ATVs and it will run them out of the area, it will ruin the hunting as well as the terrain,â?? Les Davenport said. He believes the park should remain as is.

The proposed attraction has been suggested to go in the Buckhorn unit of Siloam State Park. The Illinois Department of Natural Recourses says the park would be funded with federal money via the Recreational Trails Program.

Riders using the park would need to have the required sticker costing $10 to $15 annually depending on the power of their ATV.

John Harris represents A.B.A.T.E. Illinois, a group that advocates the rights of motorcycle and ATV riders. He says this has been a project in the making for over two years.

â??It's time we get a place to ride, we are a part of the tax payers, we deserve a place to ride, it is a big growing thing going on now and thereâ??s a lot of money that can be made from an off road riding park,â?? Harris said.

Plans to discuss the future of Buckhorn will continue on in the coming weeks.

If the board does approve the ATV park, the park would be completed by the fall of 2017.

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