Hundreds volunteer to bring Mormon history to life in Nauvoo


A cast and crew of more than 1,100 volunteers are bringing early Mormon history in the U.S. and England to life in Nauvoo right now.

This year marks the 13th consecutive year for the Nauvoo Pageant.

Before each performance, an 1840's county fair takes place that offers vintage games, crafts, puppet shows, music and dance exhibitions.

Tens of thousands are expected to decend on Nauvoo for the event.

"Before people would come and they might stay one day. Now there is actually two Pageants one right after the other. They are happy to come and stay and so that means they are here in the area. Not just in Nauvoo, but in Burlington and Quincy and all the way around. The impact is not just here it impacts the entire region close around," said Jeff Christensen, Public Affairs Committee.

You can enjoy the Nauvoo Pageant every Tuesday through Saturday from now until August 5th.

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