Hundreds pack into Hunters Classic at Adams County Fairgrounds

Raffles, hunting gear and guns were only a part of what drew in hundreds of people to the Adams County Fairgrounds Saturday.

The Mendon Lions Club hosted the first annual Hunters Classic.

"I'm amazed, real pleased with the turnout we've got coming in right now," Danny Kretzer said.

Tens and twentys filled the cash register in an effort to help two local organizations; the Great River Honor Flight and the Adams County First Responders.

"We chose them because they were two good organizations that needed money, needed help," Kretzer said.

Members from the local first responders attended the Hunters Classic hoping to spread the word about their organization.

"We assist the ambulances. When they receive a page, we receive one at the same time. Sometimes we get there before they do and we assess the patient and go from there," Rodney Voss, a first responder said.

Most of the funding for first responders comes out of their own pockets, so they're grateful any time an organization like the Mendon Lions Club steps in to help. Saturday, Voss spoke about an even greater need.

"Back when I started 7 to 8 years ago, there was approximately 35 to 40 of us, and now we're down to 12 active people. So, we're needing more help in the community," Voss said.

If you'd like to become a volunteer first responder in Adams County, you can contact Voss at (217) 936-2222.